PlayMyMuzik: Why Bullying Coldplay’s ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ Music Video is another “Cultural Appropriation”

Originally posted on Welcome to Shopaholic Pals!:
I guess every one in India has checked out Coldplay’s newest Music Video for their track ‘Hymn For the Weekend’ featuring Beyonce. No doubt this video was abuzz because of its music video being shot in Mumbai and also starring Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor in it. About three…

Why do we need to Keep Up with the Kardashians?

“Kim stepped out wearing Yoga pants & heels” “Has Kylie Jenner ended her relationship with Tyga” “Kris Jenner is awarded Woman of the year award” The headlines I’m sick of reading everyday over my cup of coffee in the morning. Its the job of the paparazzi  to constantly stalk celebrities, photograph them, or the job… Continue reading Why do we need to Keep Up with the Kardashians?

Day 2 of the three days quote challenge!

So I wasn’t really able to post anything yesterday as part of the challenge cause I had serious internet issues (the server was down). So here I am continuing the challenge. I was nominated by Josh who runs the blog Chai & Biscuits (I really do like that blog name). Go ahead and check out… Continue reading Day 2 of the three days quote challenge!

DAY 1 :- ‘3 Days Quote Challenge’

I see a lot of bloggers doing the “3 Days Quote Challenge” & I thought to myself, well this seems fun, hope some one nominates me for it. 😛 So here I am, nominated for this challenge by Misty, who in my opinion has a really interesting blog I hope these quotes really strike a… Continue reading DAY 1 :- ‘3 Days Quote Challenge’